What's In Our Travel Bag | Styling starter set Mini Tools

What's In Our Travel Bag | Styling starter set Mini Tools

Summer is here and when you say summer we hear vacation!
The best way to ensure flawless  hair while on vacation is to plan ahead. Preparation is key when traveling, and your hair is no exception! Consider the climate, location, activities, outfits, and overall vibe that you're going for on this trip -  these factors are essential to figuring out what is truly necessary for your next vacay. You’ve worked so hard to maintain healthy hair, don’t let that hotel hair dryer compromise your hair’s integrity. Check out some of our essentials when it comes to catching flights!

Some gals travel throughout the summer, whether it be for work or fun. No matter when, why, or where you go, there's one hair must-have in your travel bag and that’s  the Styling starter set Mini Tools! This set features miniature versions of our hair tourmaline ceramic straightener, curling wand, and ionic blow dryer.  It will keep your hair glowing and fabulous around the world! Endless styling possibilities in a convenient, travel case! Achieve a variety of hairstyles without adding extra weight to your carry-on. With this essential mini set, you don't need to compromise your at-home hair routine when you can go from curly to silky straight hair.

So, what exactly do these mini tools bring to the table or, in this case, carry-on?  All tools have Universal Voltage so they automatically adjust to the required output, no converter

needed! The mini blow dryer is compact yet powerful, helping fight frizz and boost volume using negative ion conditioning technology. The straightener gives your hair a sleek straight look or curls. The curling wand’s cone shape is great for creating dimensional curls. Not to mention the set’s cute rose gold colors!

This 9-piece set features a mini straightener, mini curling wand, mini ionic dryer, 2 nozzle attachments, mini hair brush, hair towel, heat resistant styling glove, and heat resistant silicone mat. P.S. we don’t get how it all fits in such a small bag either ;)

Quick tip:  Don’t forget to put some bobby pins and hair ties in the travel bag!. You never know if you will need to pin or pull up your hair to change up your look or to save you from a hair disaster.


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