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NKB Triple Threat Curling Wand Set

3 Interchangeable Wands

You’ll get Three Curling Wands in One Curler!  

The Triple Threat Hair Curler brings a bit of Hollywood Glamor to the most modest home stylist. Imagine, having one styling device to style the perfect tight ringlet, and stunning, gorgeous, and voluminous glam curls. Or keep your hairstyle simple with beautiful wavy curls.  

Made with three interchangeable 100 percent tourmaline ceramic barrels, this 3-in-1 super tool includes a 25mm barrel for tight ringlets, a 32mm barrel that will give you delicious runway curls, and last but not least sealing the trifecta, is Noa’s signature reverse cone-shaped wand. Starting at 25 mm and narrowing down to 13 mm, this unique shape is designed to create Noa’s signature tousled hair look!  

The TRIPLE THREAT comes with a luxurious styling kit for a professional experience. The Elegant pouch is ideal for the busy girl-on-the-go!

Now you can create Noa’s Pop-Star curled looks and add texture to your hair with one styling tool!  


You Save: $50.00 (26%)


Hair Type(s): 

  • Safe for all hair types.

Barrel Diameter Options

  • 32mm barrel for beach waves
  • 25mm barrel for glam curls
  • 13/25mm Reverse barrel for tight ringlets to defined curls

Extra Features

  • Clipless design with cool-tip barrels for safe and easy crease-free curls
  • The temperature setting of 100-230C  
  • LCD screen transitions from green to blue when the desired temperature is reached  
  • Digital display with temperature control
  • On-off switch
  • 60-minute automatic shutoff  
  • Fully rotating swivel power cord to enable the easiest styling experience and extend the product lifespan
  • Pair of Clips (2) with Rose Gold Metallic Rubber Finish
  • Comb, black body and rose gold handle
  • Rose Gold Silicone Heat Mat


What does this set come with?

This set comes with a 3 piece tourmaline ceramic curling wand, a heat resistant glove, 2 styling clips, a styling comb, a silicone heat mat, and a matching case.

What are some of the features of the curling wand?

The curling wand comes with 3 tourmaline ceramic interchangeable barrels. The base has a digital display with adjustable heat settings and an automatic shutoff feature.

What type of hair is this tool recommended for?

This tool will suit all hair types.

Are the barrels coated in tourmaline ceramic?

No. The curling wand is made with pure tourmaline ceramic which means the barrels are NOT coated in ceramic. The barrels are pure tourmaline ceramic.

What sizes are the interchangeable barrels and what type of curls do they produce?

  • 13mm-25mm - reverse/ ‘mermaid’ curls
  • 25mm (1”) - standard glam curl
  • 32mm (1.25”) - loose beach waves

What is the temperature range of the wand?

The temperature range can be adjusted from 170°F to 450°F (75°C to 232°C)

Does this wand have an automatic shut off feature?

Yes. In the default sleep mode setting, the tool will automatically shut off after 60 minutes but the sleep mode can also be adjusted to automatically turn off after 30 minutes or 45 minutes.

How can I adjust the sleep mode on this tool?

After powering on the tool, hold down the left arrow button ◄ to increase or decrease the time before the tool goes into sleep mode. The number that appears on the screen will show how many minutes the tool will stay on before automatically shutting off. Use the ◄ and ▶ arrows to adjust the number of minutes before the tool enters sleep mode.

Does this wand have a clip/clamp?

No, this wand is a clip-less design.

How do I detach the barrel from the base?

When the barrel has completely cooled down, twist the top of the base so the ▲ arrow meets the unlock icon . When the base is in the unlock position, pull the barrel off from the base in a straight motion.

What does it mean if my base is producing an ERR message?

An ERR message indicates that there is a connection problem between the barrel and the base. Turn off the base, unlock and remove the barrel, then safely reattach by making sure the barrel is pushed in all the way into the base. Once the barrel is secured, twist to lock the base then power on the device.

How do I use the styling comb?

Open the comb and insert a section of hair starting from the roots. Close the comb to clamp the section of hair between the bristles. Slide down the comb to untangle hair before styling.

Can the curling wand be used in other countries?

Yes, the tool is dual voltage which means it can be used abroad as long as you attach the proper adapter to the plug. Please avoid using a converter under any circumstances.

What is the best way to store my tool?

Store all parts in its carrying case. Never wrap the cord around your base when the item is being stored. Instead, always make a loose figure 8 with the cord and secure with a hair tie/rubber band to prevent wire damage in the long run.

Triple Threat Curling Set
Ceramic Tourmaline

Tourmaline Crystal is considered to be the best ion and infrared generator in the world. It’s an organically produced mineral that naturally produces negative ions, which protects the hair from heat damage and static electricity leaving hair more healthy and vibrant.

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology sends gentle heat directly into the hair follicle and out to the cuticle protecting strands over time.

Negative Ionic Conditioning Technology

Negative ions contribute to the breakdown of water particles that help with quick-drying, prevent static electricity, and helps maintain the hairstyling. Negative Ion Conditioning Technology maintains moisture and eliminates frizz by sealing the hair’s cuticle while boosting shine.

Interchangeable Rod Heads

Noa’s Triple Threat Hair Curler brings a bit of Hollywood Glamor to the most modest home stylist. Imagine, having one styling device to style the perfect tight ringlet, and stunning, gorgeous, voluminous glam curls. Or keep your hairstyle simple with beautiful wavy curls.

MCH Ceramic Body

Ceramic is the most advanced heating element in the world producing many negative ions, giving your hair smooth, static-free healthy results.

NKB Triple Threat Curling Wand Set

NKB Triple Threat Curling Wand Set