You Wouldn't Believe Why Your Hair Looks Frizzy After it Dries

You Wouldn't Believe Why Your Hair Looks Frizzy After it Dries

On Wash Day, you dedicate a few hours to your hair routine with the goal of achieving soft, smooth, defined curls. Then after everything you did in the shower, you let your hair dry, looking forward to scrunching out the crunch and seeing what all your hard work has done--but No. Your hair is frizzy.
And here’s why …

1. Breakage is causing a frizz halo.
Unfortunately, breakage is one of the causes of frizz that cannot be fixed or reversed. One reason for  your breakage may come from not cutting off  your damaged ends.

Your hair dye or heat tool usage may be to blame for your hair breakage. Once you understand what is causing the damage, it will be easier to avoid it. To better protect your hair, try using a hair tool with an added Infrared Strip. The Integrated Far-Infrared Heat Strip sends a gentle heat directly into the hair follicle and out to the cuticle, thus protecting your hair over time. Infrared Technology uses special wavelengths to heat the hair evenly from the inside out. In addition to protecting the ends of your hair, the technology reduces long-term damage to the outside of the hair fiber and helps retain its natural oils and minerals. As a result of the advanced technology, you will achieve longer lasting styles  and your hair is transformed into shiny, easy to manage, frizz-free smooth hair.

2. You are brushing your hair after your shower.
If you are waiting until after the shower to brush your hair, you’re doing it wrong. Most curly haired girls know not to brush their hair when it’s dry, but some are still guilty of brushing it while damp or partially dried.  Hair clumps best when it is soaking wet, so once you are out of the shower, getting curly or wavy hair to clump becomes more difficult. You are effectively removing their definition that you had worked so hard for in the shower.

For maximum curl definition with minimal frizz, brush or detangle your hair during your shower while you have your conditioner in, this will give your hair a good slip.  Because you do not want to cause your hair to stretch or break, use a gentle brush or a wide tooth comb that will not snag and pull tangles. Most importantly, do not brush your hair again once you are out of the shower.

3.  You’re still  using a regular terry cloth towel.
Most people can use a regular terry towel on their hair with no issues, but for those who have naturally wavy and curly hair, a terry towel can be abrasive and cause frizz.
Luckily, there is another easy fix for this: dry your hair with Microfiber instead. A high-quality 100 percent Microfiber Hair Towel is gentler and absorbs more moisture than a regular terry cloth towel,it’s also lightweight and has an easy to maneuver elastic-loop closure.

4. You are diffusing with too much heat.
Diffuser attachments are great for drying your hair while setting your curls in place. But for those that use a diffuser, it is important to remember to go low and slow. Using the highest heat setting or a high speed setting can cause major frizz, even when using a diffuser.  
When you use a high quality hair tool, you don’t need to use the highest heat setting. Tools that use infrared heat, rather than conventional heat, combined with negative ion conditioning technology, allow you to style your hair faster without the need to use high heat. The results are long-lasting, healthy styles without the frizz or damage.  


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