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NKB Styling starter set Mini Tools

Mini Tools Starter Set for beginners or just a touch up.

Everything you need to achieve Noa’s Teen Pop-star look is in this Mini Tools Starter Set.  With Noa’s collection of 100 percent tourmaline ceramic mini tools, all her pop styles are now possible to achieve!

The MINI STYLING SET is the perfect set for beginning stylists or just a quick touch up for the experienced fashionista. 

This set includes Noa’s Mini Ionic Hair dryer,  Curling Wand, and Hair Straightener. All the mini tools incorporate Far Infrared Heat Technology and Negative Ion Conditioning to give you the healthiest heat styling options for long lasting results without damaging your hair. 

This beginner set is designed to give you Noa’s pop star looks without any hassle! The MINI STYLING SET set comes with an elegant leather bag making storage easy and convenient to use for a beginner fashionista anywhere at home or traveling around the world!

Safe for all hair types, Noa’s Mini Tools Starter Set Includes:

  • Elegant and special pouch, ideal for travel.
  • Two nozzles for the hair dryer: one helps to create a smooth look and the other to dry curls.
  • Wonder towel: For quick and easy drying of wet hair.
  • Mini brush: An excellent and small brush for smooth combing.
  • Design clips: help create any hairstyle with ease.
  • Heat protection glove: For protection of the hands during use, heat resistant.
  • Heat Resistant Silicone Mat: Protects the furniture and keeps your work environment organized and tidy.

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Mini Ionic Dryer. This dryer includes key technologies like Negative Ion Conditioning and Infrared Heat Technologies.

Mini Curling Wand. The 4-inch cone style barrel is designed to create that lived-in tousled curl that Noa can be seen rocking all over her Instagram! The barrel is made up of 100% Tourmaline Ceramic to prevent the hair from becoming frizzy, dry, and static free.

Mini Straightener. Ready to get Noa’s signature straight hair look? Thanks to the 1-inch tourmaline ceramic floating plates, now you can! The tourmaline also helps generate 600% more negative ions than ceramic plates or barrels, which in turn prevent the hair from becoming frizzy, dry, and prevents those pesky fly aways!


Hair Type(s): 

  • Safe for all hair types.

Mini Dryer

  • Dryer size: 4-inch nozzle 
  • Ceramic grill 
  • 2 heat/speed settings 
  • Far infrared heat technology
  • Negative ion conditioning 
  • DC Motor
  • Power: 1200W
  • Dual Voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz 
  • 2.0M swivel PVC round power cord with EU plug 

Mini Curler 

  • 100 percent tourmaline ceramic barrel 
  • Barrel size: 4 inches long with diameter measuring 25mm at the base and 13mm at the tip
  • Far infrared heat technology
  • Negative ion conditioning 
  • On-off power switch with indicator light 
  • PTC Motor
  • Dual Voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz 
  • 2.0M swivel PVC round power cord with EU plug 

Mini Straightener 

  • 100 percent tourmaline ceramic floating plates
  • Plate size: ½-inch wide and slightly under 3 inches long 
  • On-off power switch with indicator light 
  • Far infrared heat technology 
  • Negative ion conditioning 
  • PTC Motor 
  • Dual Voltage: 110-240V 50/60Hz 
  • 2.0M swivel PVC round power cord with EU plug  

Power Options: 

  • US


  • Curling Wand: Heats up to 410°F (210°C) 
  • Hair Straightener: Heats up to 410°F (210°C) 

Cord Length: 

  • 2.5M PVC power cord
What does this set come with?

This set comes with a travel sized dryer, hair curler, straightener, a heat resistant glove, 2 styling clips, a silicone heat mat, a microfiber towel, minibrush, and a matching case.

What are some of the specifications of the travel sized straightener?

  • 100 % tourmaline ceramic plates
  • Plates measure ½” wide x 3” long (1.27cm wide x 7.62cm long)
  • Plates heat up to 410°F (210°C)
  • On/Off power switch

What are some of the specifications of the travel sized dryer?

  • 2 heat/speed settings
  • Miniature dryer size
  • Comes with a diffuser and concentrator attachment
  • Dual Voltage : 110V- 240V

What are some of the specifications of the travel sized curler?

  • 100% tourmaline ceramic barrel
  • Barrel measures 4” long (10.16cm)
  • On/Off power switch
  • Wand heats up to 410°F (210°C)

Who is this set recommended for?

This set is recommended for those who are new to heat styling. It suits those with fine hair types, short hair, or those who travel often. The miniature size is especially great for touch ups while traveling.

What material is the straightener and curling wand made of?

The straightener and curling wand are both made of pure tourmaline ceramic.

What is the plate size of the straightener?

1.27cm wide x 7.62cm long (½” W x 3” L)

What is the size of the curling wand barrel?

Barrel measures 4” long (10.16cm)

What is the temperature of the wand?

The wand heats up to 410°F (210°C)

Does this wand have a clip/clamp?

No, this wand is a clip-less design.

Can all three tools be used in other countries?

Yes, all three tools are dual voltage which means they can be used abroad as long as you attach the proper adapter to the plug. Please always avoid using a converter.

How do I adjust the voltage on the hair dryer?

There is a manual switch on the handle of the hair dryer which you can turn depending on the voltage required.

Do I need to adjust the voltage on the hair straightener and curling wand?

No, those two are automatically dual voltage so there will be no manual switch for the voltage.

How do I use my microfiber hair wrap?

To use, wrap your hair the same way you would with any towel and when the wrapped towel sits on top of your head, the tip of the towel should reach the elastic tie at the back of your head. Here you would tie the end of the towel like a ponytail to secure into place.

How do I care for my microfiber hair wrap?

Wash in cold water with mild detergent and like fabrics (avoid cotton as lint clings onto microfiber). Never use fabric softeners and hang dry or dry using low heat only.

What is the best way to store my tools?

Store all parts in its carrying case. Never wrap the cord around your tools when the items are stored. Instead, make a loose figure 8 with the cord and secure using the velcro straps on each tool to prevent wire damage in the long run.

Mini Styling Set
Tourmaline Crystal Ceramic

All Noa’s Mini Tools contain the crystal that naturally produces negative ions, which protect the hair from heat damage and static electricity. Your hair will look healthier, smoother, and more vibrant!

Infrared Technology

Infrared Technology sends gentle heat directly into the hair follicle and out to the cuticle protecting strands over time.

Negative Ionic Conditioning Technology

Negative ions contribute to the breakdown of water particles that help with quick-drying, prevent static electricity, and helps maintain the hairstyling. Negative Ion Conditioning Technology maintains moisture and eliminates frizz by sealing the hair’s cuticle while boosting shine.

Powerful Mini DC Motor

The Mini hair dryer comes with a powerful DC Motor that emits electric current directly at constant power.

NKB Styling starter set Mini Tools

NKB Styling starter set Mini Tools