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NKB Stylista Straightener

Singing sensation and fashionista Noa Kirel brings her signature rose gold to the Stylista Straightener!  As the youngest ever judge on the Got Talent franchise, Noa is no stranger to the rigors of backstage hair styling. The Stylista keeps Noa’s hair looking healthy, shiny, and silky with its 100% tourmaline ceramic plates and the help of NuMe hair technologies.  

The Stylista Straightener features the dual technologies of Infrared Heat and Negative Ion Technology combining to treat hair with the ultimate in healthy hair styling leaving hair smooth, straight, and frizz-free!



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Straighten: Begin with dry, tangle-free brushed out hair. Take a 1-2 inch segment of hair in one hand.

With your other hand, clamp the straightener close to your roots, being careful not to burn your scalp or neck. Hold the hair securely between the plates, gliding the straightener steadily toward your ends. Thanks to the advanced technology in the Stylista straightener, you will not have to go through the same section of hair many times in order to get a perfect result compared to a regular straightener!  

Continue to straighten your hair by section until you’ve completed your look.


For long or very thick hair, put half of your hair in a bun before straightening. Straighten the bottom half, then take the top half down and repeat the same technique. This will help you avoid missed spots.

You can add final styling touches with your straightener, like curling bangs, or drawing the hair away from your face by maneuvering strands in the direction you want them to go with your straightener.

For Curls or Waves:  Begin with dry, tangle-free hair. Use the included heat-resistant glove on the hand that will be holding and wrapping your hair.

The Stylista Straightener features floating plates to help create curls and waves. Take a 1-2 inch segment of hair - if you’re styling a looser curl or wave, you can section a larger piece of hair. Place the base of the wand close to your roots with its tip facing downward, being careful not to burn your scalp or neck.

Wind the segment of hair around the barrel, starting at the base. When the entire segment is wrapped, hold it briefly in place (2-5 seconds) then release the hair, letting the curl slide out from around the barrel. Do not pull the curling wand down.



Hair Type(s): 

  • Safe for all hair types.

The Set Includes: 

  • The Rose Gold 100% Tourmaline Ceramic Flat Iron. 
  • A Stylish Patented Styling Comb for easy straightening of the hair.
  • 2 Styling Clips. 
  • Heat Resistant 100% Silicone Mat.
  • A Two Finger Glove. 
  • Luxury Travel Pouch. 


  • Integrated Infrared Light Strip.
  • Added Ion Booster. 
  • 1-inch floating plates for tug-free, one pass easy styling.
  • Heats up to 450° F/230°C in seconds.
  • 60-minute automatic shut off.
  • Fully rotating swivel power cord to enable the easiest styling experience and extend the product lifespan.
  • Dual voltage capability giving you access to use these wands from the comfort of your home or any country you travel to!  
  • Thermal fuse inside to ensure 100% safety.

Power Options: 

  • EU 


  • Digital control from 140-450°F


  • Dual Voltage: 110-240V/50-60Hz 

Plate Size: 

  • 100mm (length) x 25mm (width)
  • 4 inch (length) x 1 inch (width)

Cord Length: 

  • 2.5M
What does this set come with?

This set comes with a digital hair straightener, a styling comb, a silicone heat mat, two styling clips, a two-finger glove, and a matching pouch.

What are the features of the Stylista hair straightener?

The hair straightener is made with pure tourmaline ceramic floating plates with a far infrared heat strip, a digital display, and an automatic shut-off feature.

Are the plates coated in tourmaline ceramic?

No. The Stylista is made with pure tourmaline ceramic which means the plates are not coated in ceramic. The plates are 100% pure tourmaline ceramic.

What are floating plates?

Our 'floating plates' are crafted to be flexible so they can align to the exact thickness of the section of hair you are straightening. This gives plates optimum contact with hair and superior compression and heat distribution, so you get a smooth glide with every pass and softer, shinier hair every time.

What benefit does the far infrared heat strip provide?

The far infrared heat strip sends a gentle heat directly into the hair follicle and out to the cuticle to protect the health of strands over time. The far infrared heat also helps preserve moisture without causing overdrying. This is recommended for anyone who uses heat styling on a regular basis.

What size are the plates?

The plates of the Stylista are 1” inch wide (2.54 cms/25.40mm)

What is the temperature range of the straightener?

The temperature range can be adjusted from 190°F to 450°F (60°C to 230°C)

Does the Stylista have an automatic shut-off feature?

Yes, this straightener will automatically shut off after 60 minutes.

Can I curl with this straightener?

Yes, the edges of the plates are beveled which will allow you to curl.

Who is this straightener recommended for?

This straightener is recommended for all hair types and is gentle enough for daily use.

Can the straightener be used in other countries?

Yes, this straightener is dual voltage which means it can be used in other countries with an adapter (no need for a converter)

How do I use the styling comb?

Open the comb and insert a section of hair starting from the roots. Close the comb to clamp the section of hair between the bristles. As you slide down the comb towards your tips, follow the comb using your hair straightener. This combination allows for your hair to be untangled and straightened simultaneously.

My straightener makes a very faint humming sound - is this normal?

The sound you are hearing is coming from the negative ion booster located at the base of the straightener. When the straightener is on, it may give off a faint humming/ticking sound but this is not an indication that its defective. This is just the booster in action.

What does it mean if my straightener is producing an ERR message?

An ERR message indicates that the base may have been physically damaged. Be careful not to drop or hit your straightener as permanent damage may occur if the impact is great enough.

What is the best way to store my tool?

Never wrap the cord around the tool when the item is stored. Instead, make a loose figure 8 with the cord and secure using a hair tie/rubber band to prevent wire damage in the long run. Store in its pouch for safekeeping.

STYLISTA Professional Hair Straightener
Infrared Strip

This advanced technology heats hair from the inside out sealing the natural moisture of the hair maintaining its shine and radiance.

Ion Booster (Green Light)

The Ion Booster amplifies the effects of the negative ion conditioning with an increase in the release of negative ions, keeping the hair soft and smooth.

Tourmaline Ceramic Plates

We use Tourmaline Ceramic Plates to reduce frizz and spread the heat evenly keeping hair extremely soft, manageable, and full of shine

Floating Plates - Flexible and Adaptable

The Stylista’s Ceramic Floating 1-inch diameter Plates move freely in order to provide stylish flexibility. This freedom allows both sides of the plates to adjust based on the angle and get as close to each other as possible.

MCH Ceramic Body

Ceramic is the most advanced heating element in the world producing many negative ions, giving your hair smooth, static-free healthy results.

NKB Stylista Straightener

NKB Stylista Straightener