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NKB Blown Away Dryer

One of the many looks that Noa pulls off with ease, would be her Sleek Signature Blowout! Noa’s voluminous and effortlessly natural look remains salon fresh at all times and now you can achieve that same look.  

For the busy girl-on-the-go, Noa’s Pop-Star look has never been easier. The Blown Away Dryer includes key technologies like negative ion conditioning and infrared heat that not only keeps hair smooth and healthy, but eliminates frizz, and styles faster with long-lasting results.  

The smart control technology helps avoid exposure to heat at high temperatures achieving long-term healthy results for a unique full-body look. The cooling button aims to help seal the cuticle (hair shell) and seal the style you have chosen for your hair.

The ergonomic design and finish include a powerful AC high-performance motor designed for hairstylists allows for a 35% less drying time compared to a hairdryer with a standard AC motor. The AC motor runs quietly with a longer dryer life compared to a standard dryer.

Noa always looks fabulous and now you can achieve that same look!  

The BLOWN AWAY hair dryer comes with complimentary products for your professional experience:

  • 2 nozzles of different sizes to regulate the amount of airflow.
  • Wonder Towel for quick drying of hair.
  • A patented comb for easy and smooth combing of the hair.
  • Clips designed for maximum grip without leaving marks on your hair.

You Save: $46.00 (21%)


Styling your hair for that Pop Star Look has never been easier. You’ll get award-winning hair and healthy locks using Noa’s Blown Away Hair Dryer. Just think about it, bombshell beauty is only one negative ion away!

Negative Ion Conditioning Technology. This unique feature of the Blown Away Dryer, emits a stream of negative ions that seal the hair cuticle eliminating the positive ions that cause frizz and damage the hair. Your hair is left smooth, shiny and frizz free with every use!

Powerful AC Motor. The Blown Away Dryer is built with a powerful alternating current motor that styles breathtaking blowout results in record time! Experience up to 35% faster drying time compared with a traditional DC motor dryer.

Infrared Heat Technology. Our Infrared heat technology penetrates the hair using low temperature heating the cuticle, from the inside out. Unlike traditional styling tools that use high temperature heat, this method puts the health of your hair first and doesn’t strip any of the natural oils and minerals from your hair!

Adjustable Heat & Speed Settings. The Blown Away Dryer includes 3 temperature settings and 2 speed settings for complete versatility in styling. It also includes a cool shot button to help close the hair cuticle and lock in styles.


    Hair Type(s): 

    • Safe for all hair types.

    Key Features: 

    • Negative Ion Conditioning Technology
    • Ceramic grill 
    • Infrared Heat Technology
    • Powerful AC Motor
    • Adjustable Heat & Speed: 3 heat settings and 2-speed settings 
    • Cool Shot Button feature

    Set Includes: 

    • 2 Concentrators to Narrow Airflow
    • Rose gold hairdryer with soft-touch ergonomic design and finish
    • Styling comb
    • 2 styling clips 
    • Microfiber drying towel

    Power Options: 

    • EU

    Cord Length: 

    • 2.5M PVC power cord


    • Dual Voltage 220-240VAC 60/50Hz


    • 1.25 lb
    What does this set come with?

    This set comes with a salon-quality hair dryer, 2 concentrator attachments, a microfiber hair wrap, 2 styling clips, and a styling comb.

    What are the features of the hair dryer?

    The hair dryer is made with negative ion conditioning technology, an AC motor, with 2 speed settings and 3 heat settings, and a cool shot button.

    What are the benefits of negative ion conditioning?

    Our dryer emits negative ions which break up water molecules into smaller particles to dry hair faster. This results in a shorter drying time and less damage to hair.

    What type of motor is the Signature Dryer made with?

    The Signature Dryer is made with an AC motor, which provides powerful air flow, a shorter drying time, and a longer life expectancy of the dryer.

    When is the best time to use the cool shot button?

    It is recommended that you use the cool shot button for 30 seconds at the end of your session to seal the cuticles.

    Why is it important to use the concentrators?

    The concentrators direct the flow of the air from the dryer. This allows more control with styling and usually offers sleeker results especially when paired with a styling comb or round brush.

    How do I clean the filter chamber?

    The filter can be unscrewed to allow for regular cleaning. Turn the filter cap clockwise to open then carefully remove any debris caught in the chamber. Regular cleaning is necessary to ensure the tool functions properly each time.

    Can the dryer be used in other countries?

    We would not recommend using the dryer abroad or with the use of a converter. Only use under the recommended voltage: 220 V

    How do I use the styling comb?

    Open the comb and insert a section of hair starting from the roots. Close the comb to clamp the section of hair between the bristles. As you slide down the comb towards the tips, follow the comb using the hair dryer. This combination allows for your dryer to lightly straighten the hair as you dry.

    How do I use my microfiber hair wrap?

    To use, wrap your hair the same way you would with any towel and when the wrapped towel sits on top of your head, the tip of the towel should reach the elastic tie at the back of your head. Here you would tie the end of the towel like a ponytail to secure into place.

    How do I care for my microfiber hair wrap?

    Wash in cold water with mild detergent and like fabrics (avoid cotton as lint clings onto microfiber). Never use fabric softeners and hang dry or dry using low heat only.

    What is the best way to store my tool?

    Never wrap the cord around the tool when the item is stored. Instead, make a loose figure 8 with the cord and secure using a hair tie/rubber band to prevent wire damage in the long run.

    Negative Ionic Conditioning Technology

    Noa’s Blown Away Hair Dryer is loaded with Negative Ions that breakdown water particles and help with quick-drying, prevent static electricity in the hair, and helps maintain the hair’s style over time.

    MCH3 Ceramic Body

    MCH3 [Tourmaline?] Ceramic is the most advanced heating element. The dryer produces many negative ions giving your hair healthier blowouts.

    Infrared Technology

    Far Infrared Heat moves directly into the hair follicle and out to the cuticle protecting the hair’s strands over time.

    Powerful AC Motor

    Noa’s Blown Away Dryer uses the most advanced engine in the world that shapes the hair in a professional way with a high-speed intensity is extremely quiet and allows 3 times the use time compared to a regular motor.

    NKB Blown Away Dryer

    NKB Blown Away Dryer